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Prototype Products - Drylands

Preliminary Booklets

The booklets presents NPP proxy and Rain Use Efficiency (RUE) status, change and trend maps for the test sites along with some basic background information. The booklets are in a preliminary stage and may be changed upon user request to include further or different results of the analyses.

However, the focus of the booklets is on the most significant and important results of the studies, while complete documentations of methods, techniques and all results will be subject of the project reports.

Up to now, only so-called "Level one" products are shown, i.e. descriptive maps of status and trends of NPP proxies and RUE. They will be supplemented with level-two products, which are currently under development and aim to present the results in more abstract and synthesized ways.

Site 10_Southern_Europe_prelim_booklet_v1.4.pdf
Site 12_South_Africa_prelim_booklet_v1.4.pdf
Site 13_west_sudanian_savanna_prelim_booklet_v1.4.pdf
Site 15_Caatinga_prelim_booklet_v1.4.pdf
Site 20_Australia_prelim_booklet_v1.4.pdf


On-line User questionnaire

The booklets serve not only to present methods and results in a compact way to users, but also to elicit user feedback. Please fill in the following short questionnaire in order to give us valuable feedback along some general lines.

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